Find a Photographer

Portrait Photographers

Looking for someone to capture a special moment? Perhaps you need some artwork for the walls of your new home? Or you’re planning on surprising mum with the family portrait she’s always dreamed of!

Look no further, the AAPP has a range of professionally accredited photographers to suit your needs. AAPP accredited portrait photographers are armed with the skills and training to assist you with your desires. Some types of portrait photography our members specialise in include:

  • Maternity
  • New born
  • Studio
  • Couples
  • Outdoor
  • Family
  • Glamour
  • Boudoir
  • Vintage

The AAPP has many accredited portrait photographers specialising in different areas of portrait photography and there is bound to be one to suit your needs and budget, from a simple shoot including images on a disc to fineart on your walls, you’re bound to found the perfect photographer for your needs.

Wedding Photographers

Did you know that on average there are around 30-50 hours of “behind the scenes work” involved in your average wedding??

Capturing a wedding isn’t just about turning up on the day and taking a couple of decent photographs. It’s much more than that. Wedding photography is about producing timeless memories capturing the love between the couple, the support of the family and the happiness of their friends.

With an AAPP accredited photographer the work starts well before the day, as they work to learn about you and tailor their package to your needs, whether it be a simple shoot and burn for the price conscious or an elaborate wedding album designed specifically around your day, the AAPP have a wedding photographer perfect for you. AAPP Wedding photographers are trained professionals who will capture every detail from the colour of the flowers in the bouquet to the details on the bride’s dress and possibly even the tear in the groom’s eye.

The service doesn’t stop there! After the wedding an AAPP photographer will continue to give you the same professional and friendly service, helping you with print selection, artwork and album design, depending on what you’ve chosen.

Your wedding day is once in a life time, let’s be honest, after the day is over, the flowers are dried and the dress is cleaned your memories of the love and commitment shared on this day are what you’ll have forever. Photographs are those memories; photographs will always remind you of the months of preparation leading up to this one amazing moment. Trust our professional artists to create these memories with you.

Commercial Photographers

A picture paints a thousand words. If that’s just a regular picture imagine what an AAPP commercial photograph could convey in an image? The AAPP supports its commercial photographers through challenging their creativity, sharing new ways to convey meaning in our imagery and of course to sell a product!

The AAPP offers commercial photographers the chance to develop new and inventive ways of capturing products and displaying them in an appealing manner. From real estate to food, clothing to animals; there is a message behind everything we do. Commercial photography is about getting that message just right.

AAPP commercial photographers are supported through the learning of new photographic techniques, be it working with natural light, animals or creative studio lighting as well as being challenged to constantly be at their best and in turn offer their support to others.

Landscape Photographers

Landscape photography reveals the passion, the patience and the perfection that can be found in any corner of our amazing world. AAPP Landscape photographers have a unique perspective of the world around them. Through their association with the AAPP they are also able to share their work, insights and experiences with others. Encouraging and teaching those new to the industry and learning new tips and tricks from each other. In the ever changing world we live in, there is always a new technique to learn, a new piece of equipment to try out and that place, just beyond the horizon we’ve never been to before.

Many of our professional photographers have amazing collections of landscapes from around the world – several of whom specialise in landscape and cityscape photography and who focus the entire or majority of their time towards this endeavour.

So what sets an AAPP landscape photographer apart?

It’s the quality of the image; the image quality produced from a full time accredited landscape photographer will reflect their knowledge of natural light, their patience and dedication to finding the right spot and the right angle to convey the image they are capturing. When looking at this kind of photograph you’ll see every blade of grass, every dew drop or every stormy wave. The colour will reflect the mood of the landscape, be it the vibrant reds of Australia’s heart or the grey blues of the ocean, this kind of landscape photography will hold you captive as you explore every inch of detail – in a way transporting to you that place that nothing short of going there yourself can.