About AAPP

Beginning in 1979 the AAPP was formerly known as the Portrait Maker Institute and focused on the portrait and wedding photographic industries. Today, the AAPP provides support on all aspects of photography including:

  • Wedding photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Commercial photography

The association is a member owned, member run and non-for-profit organisation governed by a voluntary board of members who work together to provide its members with monthly meetings/training, engaging speakers and professionals to provide support and education to its members.

The AAPP also supports its members through a stringent accreditation process including the yearly Lensman awards. Members are able to submit prints into various categories and varying professionals from the industry award each print a score, depending upon the combined scores of each photographer’s prints, they can be awarded different levels of accreditation and even yearly awards including, Wedding Photographer of the year or Landscape Photographer of the year.