Welcome to the AAPP – Australian Accredited Professional Photographers. We are a collective of like-minded professional photographers dedicated to improving our photographic skills and the photographic industry. The Association prides itself on its ability to bring photographers together, sharing ideas, experiences, techniques and outcomes and in the doing provide support and assistance to its members.

AAPP accredited photographers not only take good photographs but understand the story and importance behind their work. Capturing the essence of the scene and turning it into what is ultimately a timeless work of art. You can rest assured when hiring a photographer accredited with the AAPP you’re hiring a professional photographer with the photographic and business skills to deliver, whether it be a once in a life time event like your wedding or a commercial project to capture a product, an AAPP photographer is what you need.

The aim of the AAPP is threefold –

1) to provide education resources to its members in the areas of developing and improving the craft of professional photography and its standards and to work towards better business practices of its members and the industry at large

2) to provide feedback to; and communicate with, the key suppliers to our industry and work towards improving the viability and sustainability of the professional photography industry

3) to educate clients and the general public of the value true professional photographers offer

4) To offer consolidated indemnity insurance

Members get a host of benefits including discounts of many services including hotels, travel insurance and equipment.